Butter Milk is world’s largest fungal disease Preventer

Sour Buttermilk:

Butter Milk is a good growth promoter along with being the world’s largest fungal disease preventer. Sprinkle 1.5 liters of Butter Milk (at least 15 days old) per crop for the prevention of fungal diseases such as yellow rust, caterpillar, etc.. Spraying of buttermilk is good for growth of crops.

Note: By adding 15-20 liters of butter milk per acre, putting them in the field protects the roots from the fungi in the yield.


White Alum:
In any crop when plants starts drying up from top to bottom then it indicates that roots of plants are being attacked by harmful fungus.
To make this attack ineffective keeps white Alum @1 kg/acre at the mouth hole of water canal while giving water to the field.

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