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This is how you can grow parsley in your kitchen garden.

Parsley is used to add flavor to the food and it is also a useful herb with many health benefits. It is full of nutrients and also makes our food delicious. You can add parsley in omelette, salads and sauces etc. There are 2 types of parley you can grow in your kitchen garden; one is flat-leaf parsley and the other is curly leaf parsley. We are going to share some information about growing parsley in your Kitchen Garden:

1. Soil- Parsley needs a well-drained, moisture retaining soil. If growing in containers please ensure that it has adequate drainage holes and that they aren’t blocked. Soil pH should be 6.0- 7.0.

2. Growth- Parsley also needs warmth and sunlight to grow. It needs 15°c to 25°c temperature for germination. You can sow seeds directly in soil. Soak the seeds overnight for better germination. It needs 3-4 weeks to germinate as it has a long germination period.

3. Compost- Add rich compost in soil in the growing season for the better growth of the plants. Add fertilizers after every four weeks.

4. Growth- Parsley is ready to use after 70-90 days of planting and its plant grows 1-1.5 feet tall.

5. Pest and Diseases- The parsley caterpillar is the only pest it can be affected with. Hand-pick it off the plants. It has no serious diseases problems.

6. Harvesting- You can cut and use the parsley leaves as per your requirement. You can also cut and dry its leaves and store in a container for long term use.

Parsley is rich in vitamin K and vitamin C as well as a good source of vitamin A, fol-ate and iron. Add it to your daily diet and you can get many health benefits from it.

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