Control pests attack organically by Dashparni Ark

All kinds of juice sucking insects such as aphid and jassids etc, can be controlled by using Dashparni Ark. Find out here how to prepare and use it.


• 2 ltr water

• 2 kg Karanja leaves

• 2 kg custard apple leaves

• 2 kg Dhatura leaves

• 2 kg Tulsi leaves

• 2 kg papaya leaves

• 2 kg marigold leaves

• 2 kg cow dung

• 5 gm spicy green chilli

• 2 gm ginger or dry ginger

• 5 kg neem leaves

• 2 kg bael leaves

• 2 kg oleander leaves

• 10 kg cow’s urine

• 5 gm crushed or chopped tobacco

• 5 gm garlic

• 5 gm crushed turmeric

Preparation method:

• Firstly add 200 ltr water in a plastic drum

• Then add neem, karanja, custard apple, dhatura, bael, tulsi, mango, papaya, marigold leaves and then mix all the ingredients with a stick.

• On second day add tobacco, chilli, garlic, dried ginger, turmeric and mix them well with a stick.

• Cover the utensil with mesh cloth

• Place it in shade for 40 days and keep stirring the mixture in morning and evening time

Duration period: You can use this solution for 6 months.


1. Place the Dashparni Ark solution in shade.

2. Don’t forget to stir the solution in morning and evening.

Spraying Method:

Spray Dashparni@5-8 ltr in 200 ltr water in per acre land.

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