tonic for plants

Now the Plants will Develop with a Tonic

An easy method to prepare growth promoter tonic for plants:

• Soybean contains excessive amount of beneficial elements such as Nitrogen, Calcium and Sulphur etc. Its use is done for the growth of the plant.


• Dip 1 kg soybean seeds in water for 24 hours. After 24 hours takeout the soaked soybeans are crushed with the help of mortar or mixer. In this ground soybean paste add 4 ltr water and 250 gm jaggery and then place this mixture in earthen pot for 3-4 days. After that filter the solution with the help of nylon mesh cloth. Filtered mixture is used as tonic by mixing ½ ltr tonic in 16 ltr water per spray pump.

• By giving it irrigation water at 25-30 liters per acre, will increase the crop’s growth.

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