Find Out Here Thyme Is Useful For How Many Diseases and How!

1. For Stomach Worms: Give solution of thyme powder half gram and black salt half gram in water to the children before sleeping, it will kill the stomach worm and increase the appetite.

2. For stomach pain or burning sensation: If suffering from stomach ache then make a powdery mixture of thyme seeds, small myrobalan seeds and ginger. Take 2-3 grams of this powder mixture with buttermilk or hot water. If feeling gastric problem, then take 3 gram thyme seeds powder, 2 gram ginger powder and half gram black salt in 125 gram of curd after dinner.

3. For cough – Make decoction of 1 gram Thyme seeds, 2 grams Liquorice and 2 gram black pepper and take it before sleeping. If cough is persistent then mix 125 gram thyme powder in 2 gram clarified butter with 4 gram of honey and eat it, it gives instant relief from cough.

4. For Hemorrhoids – After lunch, drink a glass of buttermilk by mixing thyme powder 2 grams, Neem Seeds powder 2 gram, and half gram rock salt in it.

5. Beneficial for leaving alcohol – If you are craving for the thirst of alcohol then chew 10 gram of thyme seeds 2-3 times. Boil 740 grams of thyme seeds in 4-5 lt of water and when half water is left in the utensil then filter it, let it cool down and store it in a glass bottle in the refrigerator. Before having your breakfast and dinner, give 125 ml of decoction to the person who is alcoholic. Will get relief in 10-15 days.

6. Beneficial for Women: If menstruation is stopped before the right age then boil 10 gram of thyme seeds and 50 grams of jaggery in 200ml of water and have it in morning and evening to get relief. Take thyme seeds 3-4 grams with cow milk.

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