mint in kitchen garden

Grow mint easily in your kitchen garden and use it

Mint is very beneficial for health. It protects us from many major diseases during the summer season. Sometimes, mint is very expensive in market due to increased demand. Mint increases the taste of food and is also good for stomach. Growing mint at home is very easy, let us know how it can be grown at home.

1) Pot: Pot should be big enough for growing mint so that it can be easily grown. Mint plants do not need much sunlight so keep the pot away from direct sunlight and to protect from infection keep it away from other plants.

2) Seed: Mint seeds can be sown at any time and the seeds should be sown two inches deep in the soil. Then it grows in eight weeks in cool weather.

3) Water: Mint plants need moisture to grow but do not water the plants too much so that they can rot. Keep the water quantity appropriate and spread flowers, dry leaves etc. around the plants so that they can soak extra water. Water the plants 2 times a day.

4) Fertilizers: Mint plants need fertilizers to grow well, so after every 10 days, put natural fertilizers only. Put the compost till it is ready to harvest. You can put waste material of kitchen, vegetable leaves and cow dung as natural compost.

5) Harvest: It takes 6 to 8 weeks to grow. You can pluck mint leaves from plants and use it as per your requirement. Harvest the plants before flowering. You can add fresh mint in your tea and juice.


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