How to Identify and Prevent Nematodes in Crops

It is always present in the soil and it is difficult to see with naked eye, it sucks the juice of the elements from the root of the plant, which stops the growth of the plant and the plant dries up. This female nematode gives 250-300 eggs at a time, and in this way it progresses very fast.

Identification of Nematode attack:

After uprooting the plant which is attacked by Nematode, dust the soil from the roots you can see lump formation in the roots. Due to this growth of the plant stops and the plant dries up.

Prevention of Nematode Problem:

1. For its prevention, sprinkle the formalin over the soil. Apart from this, it can be prevented by the use of carbofuran.

2. Apart from this, nematodes can also be prevented by growing green crops like moong, dhaincha and sun-hemp. These crops have a special type of fungus that destroys nematodes and due to these crops soil fertility also increases.

3. Its third treatment is that they should be treated with bacterial vaccination before planting the seeds. By treating the seeds, its attacks on the crop is reduced.

There is no permanent treatment for this nematode, from which it can be stopped permanently. It can be controlled only for a short time.

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