Do you know about the benefits of bael

Bael is also known by many other names as Shandilru, Sri Fruit and being the favourite fruit of elephants it is also known as elephant apple. It is rich in nutrients; it contains calcium, phosphorus, fiber, protein, iron, vitamins and essential elements. There are several advantages to consuming this: Some of them are:

Heart diseases: Regular consumption by mixing some drops of ghee in the juice of bael every day cure heart diseases.

Cholesterol: By consuming Bael’s juice regularly, fibers present in it help to destroy the fat of our body, which controls cholesterol.

Bloating & constipation: The fiber present in Bael keeps our digestion strong and balanced and prevents us from the problems like bloating and constipation.

Diarrhea: By taking bael juice mixed with jaggery daily, it cures Diarrhea because it improves our digestion.

Prevention from heat: By regular consumption of its juice it prevents our body from heat.

Cancer: Regular consumption of its juice prevents us from cancer.

Cleansing blood: Mixing a little lukewarm water and honey in the juice of the bael and consuming it regularly cleanses our blood.

Diabetes: If you have diabetes, grind 10-12 bael leaves daily and take out the juice and consume it, it will give you relief.

Blood deficiency: Make a powder by grinding the leaves of the bael and consume it daily with milk it enhances the blood growth in the body.

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