balanced diet

Method to prepare balanced dosage for goats at home

Goat farming is trending then earlier, because goats reared for milk and meat are yielding good production from young age. Just like dairy farming, goat’s feed is important while doing goat farming. Goats like to eat feed which includes lentil crops like berseem, black-eyed peas, lucerne etc. Mainly it likes to eat fodder, which provides them energy. If they are left untied to graze freely then it’s much better, but nowadays due to lack of time, most of the goat farmers like to feed their goats in the farm only.
So, if you want to prepare balanced feed at home then you can follow this method:

Ingredients to prepare feed:
• 1kg Mineral Mixture
• 2kg Salt
• 1kg Baking soda
• Maize 30 kg
• Wheat 25 kg
• Soya doc 10 kg
• Mustard 10 kg
• Rice doc 21 kg

Prepare feed by mixing all these ingredients together. You can give this feed according to the weight. Give feed 5% of the goat’s weight. Or you can give 300-400 grams feed to the first time pregnant goat. Give less feed to kids and goats who are infertile and cannot give birth.

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