Why molting is done in chickens? Here is the reason

Usually after 1 year of egg production the feathers of chickens gets fall off. This process takes 4 months to complete, but due to the introduction of new techniques, this process can be completed in 6-8 weeks. Molting means to give some rest to the hen after a period of time and prepare for the second cycle of eggs.


1. The cost of raising new hens decreases

2. The size of eggs is also bigger in the second cycle.


1. Eggs yield decreases 10-15 percent from the first cycle.

2. Rate of death increases.

3. Egg quality decreases.

4. Feed consumption increases.

Various methods of molting have been developed but there is a pressure on birds in all the ways. The natural and best way is the one in which pressure is minimal and birds start lying eggs in minimum time. In many ways, dose of the birds have to be reduced for many days and the light has to be minimised, the quantity of water is also reduced.

Note: Those broods which are devoid of diseases should be selected for molting and this work should be done under the supervision of Veterinarian.

Source: GADVASU, Ludhiana

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