Why Poultry Farming is a Benefical Business

Here are some points that why poultry farming is a beneficial business :

1. Eggs are rich source of proteins and we get eggs and nutritious meat from poultry birds which are good for health.

2. After Fisheries poultry is the occupation in which feed conversion efficiency is maximum. To gain 2 Kg weight 2 kg feed is needed by good quality chicks and for laying 12 eggs they consume only 2.2 kg feed.

3. Income starts in short span of time as broiler gets ready for meat in just 6 weeks and hens start laying eggs in average 4 and a half months.

4. It gives employment to the rural people because physical labour is needed.

5. This occupation can be expanded easily as one hen lays 250 eggs an year.

6. It is a good source of income for landless farmers as less space is needed.

7. Poultry waste can be used as manure in farms so it is beneficial in many ways.

Because of its benefits poultry farming has increased in villages and cities as well. And many new researches and inventions are coming in feed, marketing and breeding of poultry feeds.

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