If you want to grow vegetables, Then learn about this modern technology

Pro-tray technique – For preparation of vegetable seedlings

For the full growth of vegetable crops firstly their seedlings are prepared. The success of produced seedlings depends on the fact that it must be disease-free and prepared at right time. Pro-Trays should be used for the production of good variety seedlings and to save place. The blocks of plastic tray is in cone shape which helps in the proper growth and development of the roots.

Selection of pro-trays for different crops:

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For the preparation of disease and pest free hybrid seeds, seedling should be ready in poly house or net house. For Tomato, Brinjal and all types of vine vegetables use pro-trays having blocks of 1.5-2.0 m 2 dimensions and for Capsicum, Chilly, Cauliflower crops use pro-trays having blocks of 1.0-1.5 m 2 dimensions.

Preparation of landless media:

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By this method seedling is grown in landless media. The medium is made by mixing Coco-peat, vermiculite and perlite@3:1:1. Fill the landless media in the tray by mixing water in it, after that with the help of fingers, press the mixture slightly from the center and make a little pit in each block to sow seeds in it. After sowing the seeds upper part should be covered with a thin layer of vermiculite so that appropriate moisture can be reached at the time of seed germination.

Essential requirement during germination phase:

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After one week of germination mixture of 20:20:20 or 19:19:19 @5 gm/ltr should be given with irrigation water. This is essential for the fulfilment of nutrients in the seedlings. We can use it again after the interval of 15 days. Maintenance of moisture in the pro-trays is essential.

Transplanting from pro-trays:

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Prepared seedlings are then taken out from the pro-trays, and you can see intensive roots like white thread. Positively after 2-3 days of transplanting, spray of fungicide or pesticide should be done. In normal temperature transplanting should be done at any time in the morning or in afternoon. But in high temperature transplanting should be done in the evening time.

Benefits of preparing seedling through pro-tray technique:

• By this method, seedlings gets ready in less time.
• The amount of seeds used for planting is very low because in this technique the seeds are sown in different sections and every seed gives healthy seedling.
• Seedlings can be protected from soil borne diseases and pests.
• When seedlings are ready in beds then at the time of transplanting the roots gets damaged up-to 10-15%, but in this technique there is no chances of seedling dying.
• By this technique the seedling gets established in the main field after transplanting in a very short time.
• By using protected structures any vegetable crop can be prepared at any time with this technique.
• By this way, prepared seedlings can be transported to long distances after packing.
• Less fertilizer and irrigation is needed in this technique.
• By following this method all the plants grow at the equal rate so that after transplanting the growth rate in the main field is also equal.
• By this method the use of costly hybrid varieties can be done efficiently.

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