White-grub in groundnut and its control

In some areas, this insect is serious. During June-July with the first showers of rain, the adult beetles emerge from the soil. They congregate on the nearby trees such as ber, guava, rukmanjani, grapevines, almonds etc. and at night, they feed on their leaves.

The eggs are laid in the soil and the larvae (grubs) hatching from them eat away the rootlets or root hairs of the groundnut plants. The damaged plants look pale, wilt and ultimately die.
Kill the beetles by spraying 200 g Sevin/Hexavin 50 WP per acre dissolved in 100 liters Water on the preferred hosts. Till the middle of July, the spray should be repeated after every rainfall. Apply 4 kg Thimet 10 G or 13 kg Furadan 3 G per acre soil at or before sowing.

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