How Yellow Vein disease spreads in vegetables and how can we prevent this disease?

Yellow Vein Mosaic: This disease is common in all those places wherever okra is grown.
This disease damages the rainy variety of okra. If the disease is spread in the earlier stages then there is bad effect on the yield. Veins of diseased plants leaves turns yellow and thick. Due to continuous attack of the disease most of the leaves of the okra plant turns yellow, which later on turns into dry brown and fall down from the plant.

These types of diseased plants don’t give fruits, if the effect of the disease shows up late then upper leaves of the plant becomes yellow but the stem remains green. Diseased plants give yellow, deformed, and hard fruits, which have no value in the market.

How disease spread: White fly spreads this disease from sick plant to other plants. This disease keeps on spreading on wild mint plants as well.

Prevention: The most important thing for the prevention of this disease is that the seed should be taken from a disease free plant. Diseased plants should be uprooted and destroyed. Okra variety of rainy season is more prone to this virus. Therefore, to cultivate okra in rainy season you should sow disease free varieties such as Punjab-7, Punjab-8 and Punjab Padmini. For the prevention of white fly make solution of 560 ml of Malathion in 100-125 Lt water and spray it. Do not let the wild mint plants grow around the farm.

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