pet dog

Important things about handling the domestic dogs

Pets dogs also need care. Today we are going to tell you important things about handling the domestic dogs.

1. Dogs should be bathed only with shampoo and soap made for them. Dogs should not be bathed with common shampoo/soap which are found in the market for human skin. This is a major cause of skin allergy in dogs.

2. After bath, it is very important to dry the dog to the skin. If the dog remains wet, the fungus is born and the smell coming from dogs is due to this fungus.

3. It should be noted that if the dog is bathed at home then he should be dried by using the dryer. If you are bathing the dog again and again then the stench increases more if they are not dried up properly.

4. Dog’s hair should be combed or brushed twice. By doing this, flow of blood increases in the skin, the stench of the skin decreases and the hair becomes stronger from the roots. More hair comes out while brushing and the home environment remains hairless.

5. Dog’s nails should be cut from time to time and claws should be cleaned daily. Skin diseases spread in their skin only with their claws such as mud and lice etc.

6. The grown hair inside the claws keeps the amount of moisture increased in the toes, which causes fungus in the claw and even spreads on the rest of the skin. Their hair should be trimmed properly and the toes should be washed with red medicine twice a day.

7. After every week or fifteen days, cleanliness of the ears is very important, especially the breeds whose ears in downwards direction or pendulous ears dogs.

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