These methods are used to recognize goats in large farms

Keeping a good record of animals is the key to successful occupation. In the same way it is important to keep record of goats in goat. It helps in proper maintaining diet, identifying sick animals and medication record, to prove ownership to get insurance, it is very necessary to important to identify the goats by putting number on goats.

Which method is used to mark goats?

These 2 identifying methods are used:

1. Tattooing
2. Tagging

How is the tagging done?

This method is widely used these days. There are many types of tagging machines are available in market. In this method, firstly ears of goats are cleaned and then metal or plastic tags are put on the ears. Large veins of the ear should be saved while tagging.

How tattooing is done?

In this method, the first number to be applied is clamped in a tattooing machine and placed on the paper to check that the number is correct. After this, the inner part of the ear is clean and sterilized and then with the help of tattooing machine, the number is inscribed on the inside of the ear and it is filled with black ink which never fades away. Large veins of the ear should be saved. Weather should be clean on the day when tattooing is done and do not do it in rainy days.

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