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Animal Care in May Month

Temperatures are high during this month and some areas experience severe dust storms, accompanied by thunder showers.

Heat related diseases in animals that can be seen to affect animals during this time are fever, dehydration, decrease in body salts, loss of appetite and decrease in productivity.

Animals should be protected from heat and strong, hot and dry summer afternoon winds (loo).

Adequate efforts should be made for fodder collection/purchase and storage for periods of shortage.

To avoid loss of essential body salts in animals ensure that a salt mixture in appropriate quantity is mixed with the feed and water and given to animals.

Depending upon the season, the content of the animal feed should be changed, at this time increase the quantity of wheat chaff and jowar in the feed.

Give dairy animals a balanced feed so that their milk production capacity is enhanced.

Deworming of animals should be carried out

Maize, perennial grasses and other fodder species should be harvested now.

Sheep should be sheared during this month.

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