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Protect animals from Foot-and-Mouth disease, by these home remedies

Infectious diseases in animals are very dangerous. One of these contagious diseases is Foot-and-Mouth disease. This disease is generally more common in crossbred cattle. This is less in indigenous cows and buffaloes. We are going to share some of the symptoms of this disease so that animals can be treated quickly.

1.The first symptom of this disease is high fever (106°F-107 °F) due to which animal stops eating and milk production decreases.

2. After 2 days of illness, animal spits in the mouth. Animal cannot walk properly and you can see mouth ulcers in its mouth.

3. Within three to four days, these problems start getting all the animals.

4. This disease causes sudden death in calves.

Precautions and Treatment

1. Washing animals’ feet with water and alum mixture helps to decrease swelling and prevents the disease from spreading.

2. Make a paste from Marigold leaves, Tulsi leaves, garlic and lemon juice and apply on ulcers of Foot-and-Mouth disease. This paste helps in curing ulcers. Alternatively you can use the following precautions as well.

The diseased animal should be kept separately and at a clean place. The ulcers of mouth and feet should be cleaned with red solution and boro glycerine should be applied after that. Soft fodder should be given to the animal. Delay in treatment can cause worms in animals’ feet. In such cases, place cotton ball dipped in tarpin oil on the hooves. Get the animal vaccinated 2 times an year for prevention from this disease.


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