prevention of Congress Grass

Find out here harm and prevention of Congress Grass

This grass has been usually seen at the road’s edges, empty grounds and orchards etc. This grass is also known as Congress Grass and Parthenium. It starts growing in February and reached the blooming stage till rainy season. In winter, its plants get dry.

Harmful for Health

• Skin Disease

• Allergy

• Breathing Problem

Preventing the growth of Congress Grass

• Cut it off whenever you see it in its full growth or put on your gloves and uproot them.

At the first fortnight in the February, before the weed reaches its full growth stage, mix atrataf 50WP(atrazine) @700-1000 gram in 100 ltr water and spray it. Atracaf spray can be done even when 1 to 2 leaves have bloomed.

• If 3-4 leaves have been bloomed in congress grass, then spray round up or gainki 41 SL(glyphosate)@700 ml by mixing it in 100lt water.

• Mix Excel Mera 71 SC (glyphosate)@400gm in 100lt water and spray it.

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