animal feed

Beware! These things can be mixed in your animal’s feed

Along with feeding the animals properly, make sure that the feed is made by mixing the right things or not. Because, today, many cheap food companies are selling poor quality mixed feed to the farmers. After watching big-budget advertisements, dairy farmers buy feed from those companies to feed their animals, but still the milk production and health level remains the same and no improvement is noticed.

How the feed can be adulterated?

  • There are less chances of adulteration in whole grains. Old grains pieces infested with fungus are mixed with the fresh grains, which gets very difficult to identify.
  • Apart from this, pebbles and many high moisture content are also present.
  • Grains infested with weevils have less nutritious elements and fiber more.
  • Because of this fungus poisoning cause a lot of damage to animals.
  • Mixing mustard cake with toria cake is very common due to which mustard cake tastes bitter.
  • Cardboard is mixed with cotton seed cake and then urea is sprayed on it, which fulfills the protein amount but it does not benefits the cattle.
  • Apart from this, sometimes poor quality cakes like castor cakes and even sand is also mixed.
  • So, in the end try to prepare the feed at home and the feed processing should be closely watched or carry your own ingredients to the feed processor plant, then only dairy farming business will give you profit.

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