AI in animals

Is your veterinary doctor doing the right AI of your animals?

At the time of Artificial Insemination, dairy farmer must be aware of some important information about AI procedure. Usually, veterinary doctor goes away as soon as the AI procedure is done, neither cattle owner ask anything from the doctor, nor do the doctors tell anything to them. So the first thing is that, before AI procedure ask the veterinary doctor about semen quality, animal record, and also ask the parental history of the animal. Rest is that, always prefer an expert doctor for the AI procedure, because this is a very careful job. Apart from this, there are some more things that we are going to share with you.

During the procedure, either cattle should be near the cylinder or cylinder should be near the cattle

While opening the lid of the cylinder, smoke (water clouds on nitrogen) should come out of it

Semen should always be taken out of the semen tank with the help of plier.

After taking out the semen straw from the cylinder, it is necessary to thaw it at 37 degree Celsius temperature.

After thawing the semen straw should be dried with paper napkin.

The dual seal portion of the straw should be inserted in the AI gun first and then it is covered with a disinfectant plastic sheet.

This sheet should completely covered the AI gun.

In this way the AI gun is completely prepared. This whole procedure should be done by avoiding the sunlight.

Even after the gun is ready, it has to be kept in the shade.

At the time of Artificial Insemination, the cattle should be completely in control. After removing dung from the flesh, vagina should be cleaned properly.

Reference: Guru Angad Dev Veterinary Science University, Ludhiana

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