Follow these steps to make Matka Khad

These are the steps to make Matka Khad :

1. Mix 10 liters indigenous cow urine, 10 kg fresh cow dung, half kilogram jaggery, one kilogram gram flour and fill in large pot for 5-7 days and make good bacterial culture.

2. Mix the Matka compost in 200 liters of water, sprinkle well per acre between the crops in wet or moist land in any crop.

3. Repeat this process every 15 days. In this way the crop will also be good, the yield will increase, the land will also improve and no fertilizer will be required.

4. In this way the farmer can be independent and can produce poison-free, chemically free tasty and nutritious crops.

5. This Matka compost can be given directly with irrigation water or by drip irrigation. (1 Matka per acre) by mixing one Matka compost well in 400 liters of water, and pouring the solution near the plant gives good results.

6. If this solution is sorted by cotton cloth and sprinkled on crops then more flowers and fruits will grow on the plants.

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