pregnant cattle

Know about the diseases that occur in animals after delivery

Generally cows/buffaloes are healthy till the moment they deliver and calf also comes out very easily. But due to lack of special elements in the blood, they become victims of some diseases, but if some things are taken care of within the 2-3 months of delivery and during the delivery then these problems do not occur.

Sutki Fever- This disease mostly occurs in lactating cows / buffaloes. Buffaloes and cows are more likely to have this disease from third to seventh month. Sutki Fever occurs due to the low calcium in the blood. After the delivery, the need for calcium increases, but due to low calcium, the animal gets this disease, which causes diarrhoea or swelling comes in the intestines. The sutki fever can be cured with Calcium Borogluconate. Increase the amount of grains and reduce the quantity of protein in the dose a few days before the delivery. Mix Demerol (5 g) packet in the last two weeks for 10 days.

After delivery, blood flow in urine- This disease also occurs more in the third month. Red blood cells break in due to lack of phosphorus in the blood and the haemoglobin of red colour comes in the urine through the kidneys, which makes urine red in colour. In this animal does not have fever, but the animals stop eating grass. It should be treated quickly or the kidneys can stop working. This disease can be successfully treated with sodium acid phosphate.

Ketosis- In the last quarter of pregnancy, it is important to give energy dosage to the pregnant cattle. On the first day after delivery, wheat porridge around 3 kg must be fed to cattle. If not doing this, the amount of glucose in the blood decreases and the amount of ketone increases, so that the animal stops eating grass and only eats wheat straw and dry grass. Animal also gives very little milk. Animals repeatedly gnash their teeth. For its treatment, a think solution of glucose should be injected through the blood vessel.

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