Pregnant Animals


Considering the health of pregnant animals, they require a good shed and separate room so that the other animals should not interfere with the pregnant animal . Animals suffer from a variety of illnesses due to poor lighting, proper management of air and fresh air and proper drainage of the urine. So, a clean shed and room is required to keep the animals healthy and comfortable.

Room for the Pregnant animals:

  • Beside the shed, there must be a separate room for the pregnant animals. Pregnant animal should be separated from the other animals 10-15 days after conceiving.
  • Keep the animal in a separate room in a comfortable place where other animals may not be disturb the pregnant animal.
  • Before moving the pregnant animal into the maternity room, thoroughly clean the room and it should be cleaned with phenol solution.
  • The room should be 100 to 120 sq. Ft. enclosed and 180 to 200 sq. Ft. Exposed , open and Airy.
  • The hay-rack should be properly constructed in this room. The rooms of the pregnant animal should be close to the calves room so that they can be easily monitored.


  • While it is advisable to make a good quality comfortable shed for livestock, it is equally important to pay close attention to the hygiene of the animals.
  • Cow dung, urine, hay, and old fodder should be removed daily from the hay-rack and the shed mush be cleaned with clean water.
  • Every month and especially in the rainy season, shed should be cleaned twice a month to eliminate the germs.
  • For keeping the shed germs free, the method which is used depends upon the type of shed and the type of the germ as it is easy to remove the germs with vegetative growth rather than the spore making germs.

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