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Home remedy for retained placenta problem in cattle

After 8-12 hours of animal’s delivery, if placenta does not come out of the animal then it is a big problem of concern. Retained placenta is a big problem of weakness in the cattle. Due to improper feed, there are greater chances of retained placenta problem in animals. Therefore, it is very important that the placenta should come out before the uterus mouth get closed. Many times retained placenta problem is tried to solve out manually, there is no problem in doing it manually, but if we try to avoid doing it manually then it is much better, because many times if we try to take out placenta forcefully, then there are possibility of diseases.

For retained placenta problem you can either try to take help of a veterinary doctor or you can try this tested method by many progressive dairy farmers.

So, what is the home remedy?

In case of retained placenta problem or if you feel like some part of placenta is still inside the cattle, then take dried seeds of 1 kg amla and grind it. Make five doses of it and each dose should comprise of 200 grams, give this dose for five days. Means give one dose every day. This method will cleanse out the cattle uterus completely.

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