leaf disease

Effective prevention tips for small leaf diseases

Littleleaf Disease: This is a disease of mycoplasma, which harm mostly Brinjal plants. This disease is mostly identified when the flower starts blooming and this disease affects most in the beginning growing stage of the plant. Small leaves come out, more lumps are formed in the stem and leaves comes out in place of branches, due to which plant turns into a small shapeless shrub. These types of plant don’t bear fruit and flower, and if they give fruits then they are small and shapeless. If the disease is detected in the earlier growing stage of the plant then the yield gets reduced.

How the disease spread: Disease continues to thrive on many types of plants such as Dhatura etc. Leaves grasshoppers further spreads this disease by carrying virus from diseased plants to healthy plants.

Prevention: To stop this disease, first uproot and destroy the diseased plants. For the prevention of grasshoppers, prepare solution of Malathion Metasystox 250 ml in 100-125 lt of water and spray it.

To get rid of the virus disease, always prepare seeds from the disease free plants. When seedling come out after that observe your field daily, and uproots and destroy the diseased plants, because virus is active and grows up in the plant cells. If possible, use net to protect the seedling from the juice sucking insects. If you did not uproot these affected plants in the beginning, then the insect would overturn your expectations by spreading this diseases across the fields, because diseased crops bears very less and deformed fruits. These types of fruits even don’t have good value in the market. Mostly virus disease spread further through juice sucking insects. So for the prevention of these pests always spray recommended pesticides.

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