How to Use Trichoderma

• For the treatment of nursery plant, make a solution of 5 gram Trichoderma in one liter of water and dip the plant in the solution, and after that perform the sowing or transplanting process.

• For seed treatment, add 4 grams Trichoderma in the dry form in per kg seeds and make then sow it.

• For the soil treatment, add 1 kilogram of Trichoderma in 25 kg cow dung compost and keep splattering the mixture with water for one week, when it is dried properly use it in per acre before sowing process.

• Dig pit around the roots of perennial trees and mix 100 grams of Trichoderma powder directly into the soil or with dung / compost manure.

Trichoderma is an organic product but it is harmful for open wounds, respiratory system and eyes. Therefore, precautions should be taken at the time of use. No chemical fungicide should be used before or after its use.

Trichoderma’s Shelf-life is one year.

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