Learn the natural ways to remove grass Pallet from the Garden

If lots of grass has grown in your home garden and you get it cut down every time, but there is no use of it because it grows back again. In this case you have to adopt a method which eliminate this problem from the origin. Roots of these grasses are very strong, even after pulling them down, it does not end and it comes out again. Today we are going to share a natural way to eradicate the unnecessary grass growing problem from the roots.

Newspaper: You might be feeling something strange, but this is the right way, if we cover the grass from newspaper by folding it into thick layers then photosynthesis process will stop and grass will get dry.

Vinegar: If you use vinegar to eliminate these grasses, then this grass will end from roots. For this you have to take a mug of water, add one cup of vinegar in it and pour it in your garden after uprooting the grass. After this grass will not come out. Do this twice and the weeds will be removed from there.

Baking Soda: Put baking soda over the grass. By spreading it in the grass, the grass will get scorched and it will also not harm your garden soil anymore. sprinkle baking soda on the Grasses grown in summer.

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