benefit of gypsum

Make your Gypsum Rich Manure by Using Paddy straw

In India adequate amount of rice straw is produced, but they are burn in the fields. This has a very bad impact on the environment and soil health. Damage of approximately 20% nitrogen, 25% phosphorus and 20% potash is caused due to burning of rice straw. Rather than burning the rice straw, if it is converted into quality manure it will help in increasing soil fertility for longer time.

Procedure for making manure:

After harvesting of rice, instead of burning straw it should be cut into smaller pieces. After that dip the smaller pieces of straw in the water throughout the night, so that manure gets ready on time. After that remove the straw pieces from the water and add it into a 100 Ltr water tank. Its major benefit is that its nutrients will not lose. Straw should be added in this way that one layer of straw and one layer of dung slurry and then again one layer of straw and then at the end coating of dung slurry should be done. By this method three layers should be made. To increase the rotting of compost, trichoderma is added@50gm in 100kg rice straw and to reduce the nitrogen or carbon content, 0.25 kg nitrogen per 100 kg rice straw or 5 kg cow dung in 100 kg rice straw is mixed, which will works as a natural environment and 25 kg gypsum is added in 100 kg rice straw.

To retain moisture in manure, spraying of water should be done timely. After the interval of one month, compost should be mixed well so that adequate amount of air will remain, this will help in making manure earlier. It will take 4 months for the whole procedure.

Benefits of gypsum rich manure:

• It is beneficial for the saline soils.
• They not only increase the essential elements in the soil, but also retain the soil fertility for longer time.
• By manure procedure gypsum solubility can increases, because at this time many types of acid is produce which will help in solubilizing gypsum content.
• Gypsum rich manure help in increasing Carbonic elements, because in this manure carbonic elements are found more than the normal manure, which will help in increasing the soil fertility.

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