Test seeds’ Germination with a piece of paper.

Why it is necessary?

Seed germination treatment must be done at least one week before the sowing. So that in case if you need to change the seeds or increase it then you take the decision at the right time. If the seeds are germinated up 80 to 90 %, then the seeds are good. If the seed germination is up to 60 to 70 % then increase the seeds quantity at the time of sowing. And if the seeds are germinated less than 50 % then change the seeds so that you don’t face loss in the harvest.

Here we are going to use easy and domestic ways to treat seeds

Newspaper Seed Treatment Procedure:

This is a very good and simple method. In this you take a newspaper in four layers, then fold it in 3 or 4 folds in the same manner as described, then without sorting, line up the seeds by laying them on the paper, then close both the corners of the newspaper with thread loosely. And then again soak the newspaper in water. Drain out the extra water. After removing excess water put the newspaper in polythene bag and hang it internally in the house. After 4-5 days open the newspaper and count the number of seedlings and find out the percentage of seed germination.

(This method cannot be used for paddy)

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