fresh tomato

Tips to grow tomatoes easily in your home garden

Tomatoes are used daily in our food and if tomatoes are grown in our own home garden, then tomatoes can be very beneficial for our health. Keeping the following points in mind, you can easily grow tomatoes in your kitchen garden

1. To grow tomatoes, you have to choose a place where there is a good availability of sunlight and it stays for at least 8 to 10 hours.
2. Fill the cups of the tray for growing tomato seedlings with nutritious soil and plant only one seed per cup. Cover the tray with plastic sheet for the good growth of seedlings. Seedlings will be ready within 3 to 4 weeks.
3. After the transplantation, plant bamboo sticks or structures to support the plants, because it needs support when fruiting starts.
4. After the transplantation, give water to the plants every day, keep in mind that the water should be poured in the roots of the plants. Don’t water the foliage as it attracts diseases.
5. After this, prune the plants if necessary, so that the plants can grow well.
6. Tomatoes are very nutritious and they also require nutrients for good development, so you must definitely add organic fertilizers at the interval of 10 days in the flowering and fruit-bearing conditions.
7. You can use organic manure to prevent pests and diseases.
8. You can pluck the tomatoes when the colour starts turning from green to yellow and red.

In this way, you can grow and tomatoes in your home garden, which are also good for you.

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