Information about Pests and their prevention in pulses crops

This Kharif season Mash and Moong Crops are being infested by Green Jassid and Whitefly. The insects and infestations can be controlled by spraying the crop with 250 ML Rogor 30 EC (Dimethoate) or 250 ML of Metasystox 25 EC (Oxydemeton methyl) using 80 liters of water per acre with manually operated sprayer. Whitefly can also be controlled by spraying 40 grams Thiamethoxam 25 WG or 600 ML Triazophos 40 EC using 80-100 liters of water per acre.

pulse insect
White Fly
Green Jassid

The grown-up caterpillars can be destroyed by crushing them under feet or by picking and putting them Kerosene water. If the population is high, their infestation can be controlled by spraying 500 ML of Ekalux 25 EC (Quinalphos) or 200 ml of Nuvan 100 (Dichlorvos) in 80-100 litres of water with a manually operated knapsack sprayer per acre.

Grown-up Caterpillar
Grown-up Caterpillar

For the control of Cercospora leaf spot spray the crop with 400 grams of Zineb 75 WP (Dithane Z-78) in 100 litres of water per acre at 10 days interval two to three times.


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