Herbal plants that can be grown in pots!

Most of the herbal plants are grown in containers. Fill the pots with good soil and compost, and by planting seeds in them, you can grow your favorite herb like coriander, fenugreek etc. Let us know which plants can be grown in ceramic pots in the kitchen gardens of the house.


Peppermint/Mint : Peppermint leaves are very fresh. You can put it in tea, chutney or soup. It does not need much sunlight.

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Lemon Thyme : Its Aroma is quite popular. It can be drunk in tea and it gets refreshing. It grows very fast. It is very much used in foreign dishes.

Coriander :Take coriander seeds and put them in pots. Leaves will start blooming in a few days. You can use them to make chutneys etc.

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