Home remedies for bringing animals to heat

Some home prescriptions are used to bring the animals to the heat. Today we are going to tell you about these home remedies which are used to bring animals in heat.

Jaggery:- Jaggery helps in the growth of microorganisms and improves digestion in the stomach of animals. This increases appetite of the animal. Along with gourging energy, hunger also increases. Therefore it is helpful in fulfilling the necessary elements and helpful in bringing animal to heat. Do not give jaggery in excess quantity or in repetition because it can upset animal’s stomach.

Cottonseed:- Animals are also fed with cottonseeds for bringing them to heat. Because of its warm properties it is easy to bring heat in animals and chances of their fertility are high. But cottonseeds should boiled first and then given to the animals because raw cottonseeds contains a Gossypol named compound which can be harmful for animals.

Mixture of Jamba (Taramira) oil and Jaggery:- Approximately half or one kilo mixture os Taramira oil and jaggery should be given to the animal for 5-7 days. You can also add small amount of salt to this mixture. Some people also give a boiled mixture of Fennel, celery, jaggery and Dry ginger (Sonth) to animals.

Mixture of Jaggery, mustard oil and sesame seeds:- According to this recipe one 250 grams of jaggery and equal quantity sesame seeds is mixed with about 100 ml of mustard oil. Then this mixture is grinded and fed to animals for 4 to 5 days. Jaggery, Mustard oil and Sesame seeds are good source of proteins. If all these elements are given then the possibility of carrying the pregnancy of an animal increases.

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