Know about treating common diseases in pigs

In India Piggery is considered as a low level work, but in most of the developed countries it is one of the main occupations of farmers. Looking at this thing, many Indian farmers are also looking forward to this aspect. Today we are going to tell some of the major diseases in pigs, such as swine fever, foot & mouth rot, flatulence, bronchitis, inside and outside parasite attacks etc.

1) Give Lepinenzed vaccine 1 ml for swine fever (1 time a year).

2) Polyvalent oil adjutant vaccine 1 ml to child and 3 ml to adult pigs for Foot & Mouth disease (twice an year).

3) Oil adjuvant vaccine for prevention from flatulence disease (once an year).

4) To protect the pigs from insects, parasitic attack and inside worms, deworming medicines should be given after every 3 months.

5) Sick pigs should be kept separate from others and then treated.

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