precaution for animal

Precautions to be taken at the time of delivery of an animal

Today we will share with you what precautions to be taken at the time of delivery of an animal.

Keep the pregnant animal away from other animal from one or two weeks before delivery. Keep the floor of the cattle shed neat and clean, cover the floor with clean soil or hay.

Do not let more people gather around the pregnant animal at the time of delivery and do not tease the animal.

If the animal is standing during the delivery time, keep in mind that the child does not fall on the ground. Help the child get out by hand when the baby starts coming out of the vagina.

If the animal starts to suffer during the delivery, if the child does not come out or some part of the child comes out and if the whole child does not come out, then immediately get help from the doctor, otherwise both the animal and the child can die.

After the baby is born, immediately remove the dirt near him, otherwise the animal can eat it which is harmful.

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