Benefits of eating red onions in Asthma

Perhaps you don’t know how many benefits are there of eating red onions, it is believed that disease like asthma can be avoided by the use of red onions. If you want indigenous treatment for asthma then red onion is a very useful thing. In red onion there is a compound called Thiosulfinate that fights against infection and many other diseases.

How to overcome asthma

Half Kg Onion
6-8 spoons of honey
300 Grams of Dark Brown Sugar
2 Lemons
5 to 6 Glass of Water

Prepare the mixture like this

Pour sugar in a pan and stir the gas until it starts melting.

After that add chopped onions and water in the pan. Stir it properly.

Allow the mixture to boil at high flame until one third of water is left.

Turn off the gas and let it cool down. Then add lemon juice and honey in it.

Before using it keep the recipe in a glass jar for one night.

Before taking meal, the young ones must take one table spoon and children must take one teaspoon. Take it until all the symptoms of asthma disappear.

 Apart from this, asthma patients can eat it as raw or in the form of vegetable.

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