beetal goat

This is how you can identify a pure beetal goat

In north India mostly beetal goats are being reared by the farmers. This breed is also known as Amritsari in some regions of Punjab. Reason behind its popularity is that this breed gives double benefits. It is good for both meat and milking purpose. For starting Goatry business, it is most important to choose a right breed. So, we are going to share some points to identify a pure beetal breed so that you can recognize it very easily.

Signs of Accurate Recognition

1. Beetal goat’s nose is structured like parrots.

2. Beetal breed skin can be of many colors; More than 90% black and 8% dark red and spotted skin.

3. The horns of this breed are moderate, flattened and upwards.

4. Its ears are long like betel leaves (Paan) ; its tail is small, thin, curly and twisted above the edge.

5. Length of its udder is 5-6 inch.

6. This breed has long legs.

7. If we talk about milk, beetal goats can give 150-190 kg milk in 170-180 days. Its average milk production is minimum 2 Kg to maximum 4 Kg daily.

8. Beetal male has beard.


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