Double the growth of crops with Egg Extract Solution

This recipe was firstly made by a person named Viriachinnamal from Thoni district of Tamil Nadu, as a remedy for curing Asthma.


1. 4-5 eggs

2. Juice of 20-25 lemons

3. 500 grams of gur (Jaggery)


1.Squeeze all the lemons in a bucket. Keep the eggs in plastic, clay or glass pot and pour lemon juice in it. All eggs should be well drowned in lemon juice. Avoid using metal container.

2. Close the container tightly. Keep this in shade for 10 days. On the 10th day, the eggs placed inside the solution will become like a rubber ball. Crush the eggs in solution with hands.

3. Boil 250 grams jaggery in half liter water. After it dissolves properly keep it aside and let it cool.

4. After cooling, put it in egg and lemon solution and mix thoroughly. Then keep it in shade for 10 days.

5. Take both solutions in equal proportion. For example, if the lemon-egg solution is 2 liters, then take two liters of jaggery. After 10 days it is ready to use.

How to use?

1. You can spray your crops by adding 10 to 50 ml of this egg solution per 10 liter of water (i.e. 200 to 1000 times water in egg solution)

2. The amount of water can be changed based on the crop growth. Initially, 1000 times the water can be mixed and later at the time of flowering or when the branches begin to grow, the water can be reduced to 200 times the solution.

3. It can be sprayed on all crops like paddy, wheat, banana, vegetables, greens and fruits. Keep in mind that it should be sprayed in the morning or late evening.


This solution is nutritious for crops and helps in growth.

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