Easy home remedies for dengue prevention

Nowadays, dengue fever is widespread, due to which millions of people are getting sick. During this time, dengue is appearing as a horribly spreading diseases in our society. Dengue is a dangerous viral disease which is found world widely, and it is transmitted by the bite of infected female “Aides” mosquito. A single infected mosquito can infect many people with dengue.

Symptoms of Dengue
• High Fever
• Pain in the muscles and joints
• Headache
• Pain behind the eyes
• Nausea
• Red spots on the skin
• Vomiting, diarrhoea etc.
When the patient’s condition is critical, the platelets count decreases rapidly and the blood starts bleeding from the nose and mouth. Blood pressure is also significantly reduced.

Dengue Prevention
• If you have stored water in utensils etc., then always try to keep them covered, and if the water is not necessary then empty the vessel if not needed or keep the utensil upside down
• Wear clothes that cover your body maximum
• Do not let the water get collected in the house and around the house
• Take special care of cleanliness

Natural Ways to Avoid Dengue
• Plant tulsi in your porch area.
• Spread the fumes in the house by burning dry neem leaves and camphor together.
• Neem, basil, giloy, papaya leaves juice, amla juice are very useful in protecting from dengue. These juices increase the body’s immune system and also gives power of fighting the dengue virus.
• Remember, dengue has no special treatment, it is only characteristic treatment. If you have fever of any type and you don’t get relief then you should immediately refer a doctor and protect yourself from mosquitoes and increase the resistance of your body. This is the best way to avoid dengue.

Some home remedies to avoid dengue :

Fenugreek leaves:
Fenugreek leaves are known for reducing fever and it act as pain reducing agents by promoting more comfortable sleep.

Neem leaves:
Neem leaves are usually used for the treatment of various diseases. By drinking neem leaves extracts, the number of both platelets and white blood cells increases. Well-dried neem leaves improve the immune system.

Orange juice: The mixture of antioxidants and vitamin C present in orange juice is considered as the best treatment for the secondary symptoms of dengue fever and for destroying the virus. Orange juice helps in promoting the antibody of the immune system and exits poisonous substances.

Water: Two common symptoms of dengue are headache and muscle spasms which increased more due to dehydration. Therefore, to keep the body hydrated, drink as much water as possible. Apart from this, water helps remove more toxic elements from the body. Coconut water is also very beneficial to get recover from dengue fever.

Basil: Basil contains natural insecticidal properties. Drink solution of basil leaves and 2 grams of black pepper by boiling it in the water is also very beneficial. It increases the immune system in dengue.


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