The formula for preparing Dr. Dalal solution

• Take 2½ kg urea, 2½ kg DAP and ½ kg zinc (21%).

• Dip DAP in plastic or earthen utensil by adding water in it before one day of spraying and stir the solution 2-3 times a day with the help of rod. By this process, the beneficial elements get dissolve well in water.

• After that at the time of spraying, mix urea and zinc in little water properly in separate plastic or earthen utensil and add 100ltr water in both the mixtures separately and use it for spraying. Or take 1 unit of prepared mixture and in each tank add manure according to that 1 unit and then add remaining water.

• Keep this in mind not to use any other metal utensil and mix this solution only in 100 ltr water (not more, not less).

• Keep the mixture procedure simple. Don’t over spray at one place as it can harm the crop.

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