Organic Ways of Seed Treatment

Seed treatment of any crop is very necessary. There are many types of chemicals available for the seed treatment, but we can treat seeds even in organic way. There are several ways to treat the seeds organically, some of them are the following.

1. Mix 2 kg salt in 10 litres water and throw an egg or potato in it to check whether it sinks or not. If the egg / potato starts floating then stop mixing the salt. Dip the seeds in the slated water before sowing and sort out good seeds out of it. Soak the seeds in 20 litres of Beejamrit for 12 hours and then dry them in shade. After this seeds are ready for sowing.

2. Mix 750 ml milk in 2.5 litres of water and put it in a utensil. Tie up the seeds in a cotton cloth and dip it in milk and water solution for 6 hours.

3. Mix 500 ml Cow Urine in 2.5 litres of water, dip the seeds in this solution for half an hour. After this seeds are ready for sowing

4. Mix Trichoderma in 2 litres of Jaggery water solution and put in an open utensil. Now mix the seeds in this solution and seeds are ready for the sowing.

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