Get information about preparing seeds for Paddy/Basmati Crop

The success of the crops depends heavily on the quality of the seed. If the seed is not right than there is no benefit of spending money on fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides and pesticides. Preparation of seeds for sowing is not that difficult task provided that few things are kept in mind.

Paddy/Basmati Crop

To prepare the seeds for paddy and basmati select the crop from those fields only which are free from infestations and remove those crop (plants) from the field which are longer in height than the normal crop in that field to improve the quality of the seeds. When the crop is ready to mature then make a solution by adding 200 litres of Water and 200 ML Propiconazole 20 EC or 200 ML Tebuconazole or 80 grams Nativo 75 WG or Luster 37.5 SE 320 ML or 200 ML Pencycuron 25 SE and spray on the crop per acre.

To prepare the seeds, harvest the crop of the chosen field separately with hands. After harvesting, shake (hit) the crop once and whatever seeds come out keep them aside and mix the rest with the grains which are to be sold in the market. Dry the grains properly and preserve them in clean containers which are to be used as seeds. Write the name of the variety of the seeds on the container to avoid confusion during the next season.

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