Do you know which university has animals’ hospital with modern techniques

For the treatment of common diseases in animals, animal hospitals are available in every district. Sometimes, there are animal diseases for which modern machines are not easily available or veterinary doctors are not available. In the Animal Hospital of Guru Angad Dev University, Ludhiana, animals such as buffalo, cow, horse, donkey etc. are treated by doctors in a modern way with the help of modern technology.

1. Diseases like swollen stomach, intestinal diseases, cyst, broken bones, lameness, skin diseases etc. are cured.

2. X-ray facilities are available for animal testing in the abdomen.

3. Modern laboratory is available for the testing of animal udder and milk.

4. Ultrasound facility is available for testing abdominal disorders in animals.

5. The difficulties that occur during pregnancy of animals are also treated in the best manner.

6. Operations of bones, hernias, urine and intestines are performed.

Apart from this, if any animal keeper has any query related to the diseases, then he / she can get advice from the best doctors. We are sharing some of the numbers of Veterinarians here. If you want to have any information about animals you can contact on these numbers: 0161- 2414007, 2414011, 2414060

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