How to increase fat content in animal milk

The increase in fat content and NSF in animal’s milk depends on the animal’s diet.
Successful dairy owner always try to avoid the products available in the market which increases the fat content and they increases the fat in the milk through balanced diet. Apart from this, here are some tips for increasing fat in the milk that we are going to share with you.

1. If we want to give 7-8 kilo distribution per day or if we want to include silage in the animal’s diet then mix 250 gram of baking soda in 100 kg of distribution. By doing this animal will not suffer from indigestion and fat content will also not reduce in the animal’s milk.

2. Although fat content in milk is increased by giving badeven to animals but don’t increase its dose more than 250 grams, otherwise animal will start gaining body fat. And if badeven are dryden it’s better and if it is of desi cotton then it is much better.

3. By giving diet (Berseem, Lucerne, Shaftal, Senji, Rai Grass, Oats etc) in winter without grinding, fat content increases in the milk.

4. Swelling in the udder part reduces the fat content in the milk, so make sure your animal’s udder is fine and is not swelled up.

5. If green fodder is given two times a day then fat content in the milk is reduced, but if start giving green fodder in small amount more than two times a day then fat content is increased.

6. By giving green fodder more and grains less, pregnant animals gives milk with more fat content. When we give green fodder to the animals, then they cud for a long time, due to which less acid is produced in Ujhari. If the grain has to be fed more, then one thing should be taken into account that at the same time, more than 2.5-3.5 kg grains should never be fed.

7. Feeding grains in less quantity, few times a day also maintains good amount of fat in the milk.

8. After the delivery of the baby if the animals are given potassium carbonate then fat content in the milk is increased. After the delivery when the milk production is increased then potassium level is decreased in the animal’s body.


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