Easy way of treating Mastitis Disease

Teat’s disease which generally occur in cattle is a big problem for every dairy farmer and due to late its late treatment farmer has to suffer a lot, because value of cattle is from their milk. No vaccination of this disease has been successful till now. Every year in India, economic loss of crores of rupees is faced due to mastitis.

Let’s explore what is mastitis

Generally, there are two types of mastitis- clinical and sub-clinical. Clinical mastitis can be detected by a normal dairy farmer, clotting in milk, swelling in teats, wounds etc. But sub-clinical mastitis problem cannot be detected by just seeing the udder, because it’s just the beginning and at this stage only this problem can be stopped. But it can only be stopped if it is detected.

How to recognize it at home

  • There are many types of tests to detect this problem, but one of the easiest is test 1, for this test you have to take 3 gram surf excel powder used for cloth washing and mix it in 100 ml water. Now milk out 3-3 grams of milk from all the four teats and put them in different bowls.
  • Add little amount of surf and water solution in every bowl and stir it properly.
  • After stirring it, check jelly formation in any bowl and then getting back to normal situation then sub-clinical is fine and there is no problem.
  • If there is mesh and jelly formation in large amount and it is not getting back to normal then definitely there is problem of clinical mastitis and according to this get it vaccinated or treated by the doctor. By this simple test you can find the about the problem and get it treated at the right time.

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