Home remedies for increasing milk in animals

Generally, some home remedies are used to increase livestock milk in villages, we are going to share them with you.

1. Boil the mixture of 100 ml Jamba Oil+ 100 grams Lentils + 100 grams Split Chickpeas+100 grams linseed + 100 grams fennel + 100 grams soybean + 50 grams Thick cardamom + 20 grams White Cumin and Desi Ghee and feed the animals with 1kg of this mixture. With the help of this prescription, digestive system of the animal gets better and appetite seems to be excessive, so the animal eats more and its milk production increases.

2. Grind about half kilogram white cumin seeds and 1 kilo fennel and keep it. Give about 1 to 2 fist with half liter milk daily to the animals.

3. Mixture of Herbs used in Ayurveda such as Moussli + Shatavari + Bhakra + Palash and Kambozhi etc. can also be given for increasing milk.

4. Boil 125 gram garlic, 125 gram ghee, 250 gram Sugar and 2 liter milk and give this mixture to the animal after 4 to 5 days of delivery.

Consult your nearby veterinary doctor before using any of the above remedies.


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