Irrigation Management in Fruit Plants

Irrigation Management in Fruit Plants

To take good yield and quality in fruit plants, proper irrigation at the right time is necessary. Just as in the life of human water values, same as in the plants. Plants fulfill their lifespan by taking nutrients from the soil through water.

Citrus Family:


According to the weather, rainfall and soil variety, small plants should be watered every week for three to four years and old plants should be watered once in two to three weeks. By installing drip irrigation in Kinnow orchards good productivity and yield can be taken.


Bunch of guava fruits in a tree

New orchards require irrigation once every week in summers and in winters irrigation is required only two to three times. During flowering or fruiting, water should be given after fifteen days in summer and at one month intervals in winter.


Small plants require more water during hot and dry weather. But big plants whose roots are deep, they needed to be watered at the intervals of 10-12 days from March to the June end, when they are in the fruiting stage.


At the time of fruiting plant needs more irrigation. By giving them water twice a week, fruits grow well and bursting problem also decreases. In rainy season, plants should be watered according to the humidity in the weather and soil.


A month before fruit maturing, is a very crucial time for irrigation. At this time, for fruit growth, irrigation is very much necessary in the plants. Irrigation should be done at the intervals of three to four days from the fruiting till their maturing. According to the variety, the need for irrigation is required from the end of April to early July. Early maturing varieties like Khurmani and Sharbati requires high irrigation from May to June end.


Every week in May and at the interval of 3-4 days in June irrigation should be done. Irrigation should be done only if there is no rain the month of July-August.


Orchards of Banana needs a lot of water. Due to lack of water, the greenness of the plant and the size and quality of fruit decreases. Excessive watering can damage the roots by breaking it. After planting, irrigation should be done at the intervals of one week in March-April and in May-June irrigation should be done at the interval of four to six days. In July-September, plants should be watered at the intervals of week according to the moisture content present in the weather and the soil.

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