Hydroponic technology

Do you know what is Hydroponic technology?

It is the method of growing plants without soil. In this method, the plant growth and its productivity is controlled by the nutrient level present in the water. The word Hydroponic means “Water Related”. It has becomes a popular technology and has greater applications in modern farming practices.

In this technology the nutrient level in water is maintained for the better growth and production of the plants.

The system is easy to manage, works automatically and requires less space for its set up.

Vegetables crops such as Broccoli, spinach, cabbage and lettuce are mainly grown in this system.

By using this technology, it will lead to higher vegetable yield and lowers the consumption of water and nutrients.

For better results the technology is combined with greenhouse technology. The person having greenhouse can take training from experts of PAU about the working of greenhouse hydroponic technology.

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