Learn about the bloating problem in goats and its treatment

Indigestion and bloat problem is very common in cows and buffaloes. Like cows and buffaloes, it is found in goats as well. If the animal keepers are aware of this kind of problem, then they can cure their animals on time.
There can be two reasons for this indigestion or bloat problem, either the gas produced due to overeating or the animal was already suffering from gas and the gas doesn’t come out on time. Sometimes, excessive gas present in stomach does not come out due to any food item being trapped in the food pipe and due to this bloating occurs. Due to this problem animal feels difficulty in breathing, so the animal takes out their tongue and stretch their neck in forward direction to breathe. This problem can kill the animal in 6 to 8 hours. At this time, patting the right side of the flank sounds like a drum.

• In this situation, keep the forelegs of the animal at higher place and lower legs at lower place. By this way, gas will come out through mouth.

• Feeding the animal with 30 ml Mustard oil or linseed oil also helps in reducing bloating problem.

• If this problem is at crucial stage then in emergency case doctor releases out the gas by hitting the animal’s flank from right side with a thick needle.

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